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Days. Weeks, Months

Days of the Week and Numbers in Carrier Language

Days of the Week: English Days of the Week: Carrier
Sunday Dimosdzen
Monday Landidzen
Tuesday Whulhnatdzen
Wednesday Whulhtatdzen
Thursday Whulditdzen
Friday Wanderdi
Saturday Sumdi
Numbers Carrier Pronunciations
1 ilhaki
2 nanka
3 taki
4 dinki
5 skwanli
6 lhtaki
7 lhtakalti
8 lhkadinki
9 ilhohoolah
10 hwanizai

Tables courtesy of Denelo 

The Months of the Year

Each month of the year has a different significance to Stellat’en First Nations.

January – Big moon. Cold, cold weather.moon_graphicsmall
February – We can fall trees on top of the snow.
March – ling Cod Moon.
April – Pea Mouth Fish Moon.
May – Sucker Moon.
June – Trout Moon.
July – Middle of the Summer.
August – Salmon Moon.
September – Kokanee Moon.
October – Char Moon.
November – White Fish Moon.
December – Short Days Moon.

to see the months of the year in Carrier language, courtesy of Emma baker, click on the image to the right.


The calendar below is an example of a Carrier calendar, courtesy of Denelo.