Contact Our Office

    791 Shun K’et Ti Rd

    P.O. Box 760

    Fraser Lake, BC V0J 1S0

    You can also reach us by phone or by fax

    Phone: 250-699-8747

    Fax: 250-699-6430

    The map shows our location between Fraser Lake and Burns Lake, BC

    Stellat’en Health Centre

    PO Box 2055 Fraser Lake, BC V0J 1S0

    Phone: (250) 699-8922

    Fax: (250) 699-7704

    Head Start Pre-School

    Phone: (250) 699-6100

    Language & Culture Centre

    Phone: (250)-699-6091

    Education & Training Centre

    Phone: (250)-699-6020

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Band Offices Contact List

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