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Community Health


Community Health Rep

The CSFS Community Engagement HUB is a program that supports the promotion of health and well-being.

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This program offers support to Aboriginal people who may have alcohol/drug addiction.

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Mental Health

Counseling options available include talk therapy, expressive therapy, EMDR, and Hypnotherapy.

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Cynthia Munger

Cynthia Munger


Hello everyone my name is Cynthia Munger I started as the CHR for Stellat’en First Nation on April 1st 2009. My previous employment was with Carrier Sekani Family Services for the last seven years as a home support worker. I started training as a Community Diabetes Prevention Worker at Yellow Quill College in September and will be graduating the program in March. I have lived in Stellaquo the majority of my life and I am a band member of this community. I was raised by my late grandparents Peter and Marianne Luggi, who have left me with great knowledge and wisdom.

Part of my duties as the Stellat’en Community Health Representative is reporting to the funding agency and to SFN community administrator, the Community Health Representative shall be responsible for undertaking activities associated with the Contribution Agreement signed between funding agency and Stellat’en First Nation, and to oversee SFN Health Center Receptionist. Liaison with Funding agency Community Health Nurse, Health professionals, and Stellat’en First Nation Staff, to undertake activities associated to Health. To work towards a healthy community.

More specifically my position is to be responsible for:
  • The provision of assistance in the planning and delivery of health education and health prevention services for the Stellat’en First Nation community.
  • Provides an annual list and description of community health education priorities to funding agency and Stellat’en First Nation Community Administrator.
  • Plans or develops community meetings and workshop activities with health professionals and health workers, aimed at preventing health problem priorities within the Stellat’en First Nation Community.
  • Liaison with Community Health Nurse, Social Development & health field workers, and health professionals as facilitators for community meetings and workshop activities.
  • Arranges for Stellat’en First nation community home visits, healthy center office visits for community health nurse, local doctors etc. to deliver health education for good health and preventative practices.
  • Prepares and submits a quarterly activity reports to funding agency and monthly, quarterly and yearend report to Stellat’en First Nation Community Administrator.
  • The delivery of needed health care assistance or support services to members of the community.
  • Taking vitals, weight, temperature, blood sugar testing, A1C testing and when requested to monitor an individual/ individuals for doctors.
  • To assist community member to receive Medical Care Cards.
  • Assist community members for Ambulance billings they have received, to forward the ambulance billings to the right department for approval of payment.
  • Organize dates for the Environmental Health Inspector from Prince George to come out to the community to check homes with the CHR when requested.
  • Oversee sponsored summer student employment where such employment is related to work under the CHR.
  • Liaison with frontline workers, community health nurse at the health center, and hospital staff and doctors.

Our Current List of Projects

  1. CDC (communicable disease control): Immunization program, Flu clinics, TB Screening, STI and HIV pre and post test counseling, education, prevention and treatment of disease.
  2. Maternal Child Health: Pre and Post Natal Care and education, newborn education, baby wellness clinics, breastfeeding, Canada prenatal nutrition program, provide monthly food vouchers to promote healthy eating, grocery store tours, cooking classes.
  3. Infant/Preschool health: Developmental screening ages 0-5 yrs, Early Childhood education (parenting classes, nutrition, safety, oral hygiene/teeth varnishes.
  4. School Health: Kindergarten Screening (hearing, vision) Immunization, safety, sexual health, alcohol and drugs, smoking cessation, exercise, self-esteem & personal development.
  5. Adult/Elder: Chronic disease education/prevention (heart health, diabetes, arthritis), Woman’s Wellness clinics (Breast Health, pap tests) Men’s Health and addictions, nutrition

Future Projects and Programs

  • Community Kitchens
  • Mom & Baby Yoga
  • Arthritis Exercise Classes 2 times/week starting May
  • Diabetes Group Sessions
  • Walking Club
  • Monthly Themes for health promotion