Forestry REsources

Participation in the Forest Industry and Forest Management

Some Facts about our Forestry Program

  • Woodlot 0292 was issued to Stellat’en First Nation April 10,1986
  • It was approximately 387 hectares with an Annual Allowable Cut (AAC) of 809m3
  • About the same time the present day private land contribution of 137 hectares was made and had an AAC of about 65m3.
  • That brought the crown and private totals to about 537 hectares with an approximate AAC of 875m3
  • On January 1, 1997 the Crown portion of the Woodlot was topped up by 190 hectares bringing the present day Crown total up to 576 hectares with a revised AAC of 1060m3 plus the original private land AAC of 65m3
  • While the normal amount of harvest would have been approximately 17,000m3, over this time period between 1986 and 2012, 57,760m3 was harvested to deal with the mountain pine beetle timber.
  • At the present day Crown AAC of 1060m3 the outstanding Annual Rent will be reconciled over the next seven years.

Report on the Woodlot

The Silviculture on the Woodlot is up to date. Seedlings for the last Cut Blocks have been ordered and are due to be planted in the spring of 2014. The total number of trees to be planted is 5,180 pine and 5,180 spruce. The mix of species will ensure a healthy forest for the future in case of another beetle attack. This planting will complete the reforestation of the harvested portion of the Woodlot.

Forest and Range Agreement in 2005

Stellat’en First Nation acquired the first Forest And Range Agreement (FRA) in 2005. This resulted in the issuance of Forest License A72920 with an Annual Allowable Cut of 150,000m3 for a term of five years not to exceed 750,000m3. This License was signed by Chief Patrick Michell and Councilor Violet Kennedy on September 12, 2005

Forest License

Forest License A86752 for 185,000m3 was signed by Chief Reginald Louis on January 12 2011. An Amendment to A86752 for an additional volume of 71,000m3 was added making the Total volume of A86572  – 256,000m3 with an Annual Allowable Cut of 51,200m3 over Five Years. This was signed by Chief Reginald Louis on May 1, 2011.

Revenue Sharing Agreement

Stellat’en First Nation Forest and Range Consultation and Revenue Sharing Agreement Between Stellat’en First Nation and Her Majesty the Queen in Right of the Province of British Columbia was signed by Chief Reginald Louis and Councillor Violet Kennedy on December 5, 2011. There are two payments made to Stellat’en First Nation each year, one on or before September 30 and one on or before March 31 of each year. This Agreement is for a term of three years. The start date for this Agreement was back dated to APRIL 1, 2011. The Agreement expires on March 31, 2014 which is when the final payment is made.

Other Projects

Stellat’en has been offered a Bio Fuel Fiber License for 100,000m3 Annual Allowable Cut for 15 years, this fiber currently has very little value and is not worth pursuing at this time.

Currently Stellat’en First Nation is applying for a 375,000m3 License to address sensitive cultural and heritage issues in their Territory. This is a big task as Stellat’en has to compete with many other Licensee’s to try and manage their own forest resources. Canfor is the largest Forest Company that operates in the Stellat’en Territory and has been awarded cutting authority over the large part of the Territory by the Province of British Columbia. It is a great task to try and maintain Stellat’en’s involvement in the Forest Industry and land management in a shrinking timber supply when we have to compete against Forest Giants that have Provincial support.

Bill 28 Volume is also being offered to First Nations with an undetermined uplift to the original volume. The original Volume was 165,000m3 to be dispersed between eight First Nations in the Prince George Timber Supply Area. The uplift is for an additional 265,000m3 for the same eight First Nations. The Ministry of Forest Lands and Natural Resources has not yet come up with the amounts for each Band. Stellat’en First Nation volume currently is approximately 11,600m3, (2262m3 in the Nadina Forest District and 9,338m3 in the PGTSA). Stellat’en is currently requesting this License as it should be enough to make it worthwhile once the uplift volume is applied.