Economic Development

Latest Update September 2013

In the past, economic development funds budgeted were used for assistance in purchasing logging equipment, backhoes, catering vehicles, and other worthwhile proposals, some of which did not work out for some band members. Council this year is considering using the funds to pay for the creation of companies the band requires to avoid paying taxes and the actual company that would overlook the operations of the Slenyah Store.

While on this topic, it was brought to Council’s attention that policies do not exist on how the funds should be distributed to band members who request it. Policies need to be formulated and implemented so that all requests are considered for all band members. Some concern was expressed also that some band members were not aware that such funds exist.

Councillor Tannis Reynolds has applied for funds to assist the band in reviewing all band polices and developing non-existent ones for the purpose of renewing out-dated policies, removing obsolete ones and to add or improve existing policies in all aspects of the band’s operations and departments.

These policies include but are not limited to the following: Human resources policies; Band Council policies; financial policies; housing policies; economic development funding policies; election code changes; education policies.