Stellat’en First Nation has 506 registered members as of the end of July 2009.
There are approximately an equal number of members on and off reserve.

Stellat’en First Nation Membership code is under development.

Stellat’en First Nation is comprised of two Indian Reserves totalling 834.3 hectares. The primary community of Stellat’en First Nation is located on Stellaquo Indian Reserve #1 approximately 6 kilometres west of the Village of Fraser Lake, British Columbia, at the west end of Fraser Lake, or “Nadleh Bun”, where the Stellako and Endako Rivers flow into Fraser Lake. Stellat’en is translated as “people of Stella” and is formerly known as Stellaquo Indian Band.

Carrier people refer to themselves as Dakelh, which means “people who travel by water, and have resided in a vast territory, of over 76,000 kilometres, primarily located in North Central British Columbia. Today there are approximately 22 Indian Bands or First Nations, as recognised by Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada that identifies as being Carrier or Sekani societies. The population represented by Carrier Sekani First Nations comprises over 10,000 individuals.