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Drug and Alcohol Program

This program offers support to Aboriginal people who may have alcohol/drug addiction. Services are available for youth and adults through one-to-one counselling, group counselling, education and prevention programs, referral to treatment programs, and also offers an aftercare program.

Hours of Service

Monday 8:30- 4:30
Tues 8:30- 4:30

Phone for an appointment via the health Center 1-250-699-8922


To assist Aboriginal people in addressing alcohol/drug issues and minimizing the negative substances for Aboriginal individuals, families, and communities.


  • To promote healthy lifestyles free from alcohol, drug and solvent abuse within the Aboriginal community.
  • To promote existing Ministry of Health sponsored treatment service models within the urban community.
  • To promote healthy alternatives to alcohol, drugs, and solvent abuse.
  • To promote a culturally appropriate system of addiction treatment services and programs for Aboriginal people with alcohol and drug abuse problems.
  • To increase knowledge and sensitivity through awareness for service providers in the addiction field.
  • To increase the effectiveness and provide cost effective treatment, service development for alcohol and drug abuse programs with the Friendship Centre.

Services Available:

  • One-to-one counseling – Individuals who need help or referrals to A&A meetings establish a network of service agencies to work in unison to provide assistance for individuals with an alcohol or drug-related problem.
  • Liaison with treatment centres to provide the best possible services for clients.
  • To establish a resource centre with information pertinent to alcohol, drugs, or solvent abuse which includes videotapes, pamphlets and books.
  • To coordinate programming via workshops, presentations, and seminars to make the community aware of the negative effects of addiction.