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Community Health Representative

Community Involvement in Health and Healing

CSFS Community Engagement HUB

The CSFS Community Engagement HUB established September 2010 and is a program that is associated with First Nations Health Council to support member First Nations in the promotion of health and well-being. Community Engagement HUBs are groups of First Nations Communities that agree to plan. Collaborate and communicate to meet their nation’s health priorities. The CSFs HUB also provides a support for First Nations Communities to partner with the First Nation’s council to implement the Tripartite First Nation’s Health Plan. The HUB is a collaborative effort that is hosted through Carrier Sekani family Services. Our HUB is a neutral collaboration based upon our shared experience, culture and tribal affiliation.

Key Functions of the HUB

To facilitate collaboration amongst health service providers and our member First Nation’s. To support in health planning and to communicate any relevant health information, news and updates from the First Nation’s Health Council and others.

Our Goals:

  • To empower communities to work towards improving the health and well-being of their membership.
  • Close the gaps in health between our First Nation’s people and other British Columbians
  • Include our membership in decision making regarding the health of their people.
  • Improve the relationship between our member First Nations and the Northern Health Authority.
  • Identity policies that are creating barriers to our First Nations and work towards solutions.
  • Promote individual health plans within our communities.